Сочинение на англиском на тему школа моей мечты

24 ноября 2013 / Английский язык

сочинение на англиском на тему  школа моей мечты.

  • I am (имя,фамилия) from (город). I study at school in the (класс)th form. My school is OK but sometimes I find it is a bit boring and tiring because of lots of homework.

    So I would like to make some changes. If I were a principal of the school I would cancel homework — I think it is wasting time! Then, I would make the breaks between lessons longer. Next, I would also improve the menu in school canteen — most of food is absolutely disgusting. I think students need more salads, fruit, and vegetables.

    The next step is holidays. Summer holidays are long enough but I would make autumn, winter and spring holidays longer to let pupils to spend more time out or to travel.

    My favourite school subject is Biology so in my ideal school I would like to have the subject every day. It is a good idea to have more practice and different researches or projects.

    Sports, Music, Arts and Crafts should be main subjects and the teachers have to be friendly, happy and experienced. So they have to be well…

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