Диалог двух друзей, про традиции в семье

24 ноября 2013 / Английский язык

диалог двух друзей ,про традиции в семье

  • Alice. Hi, Leo! How are you? 
    Leonard. Hi, Alice. It is ok. Nice to meet you! 
    A. Leo, can you help me to choose presents for Christmas?
    L. yes, of cause! I like to prepare Christmas gift! To send Christmas cards is our family tradition! 
    A. Oh, yes, we also have a good tradition in my family-we like to sing Christmas carols! It is very funny! 
    L. Alice, what is your favourite Christmas meal? 
    A. usually we make a turkey accompanied by cranberry sauce! It is so delicious! 
    L. yes, it is g

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