Ребята, срочно!Реферат по английскому языку на тему:Дом англичан:СРОЧНО!

12 ноября 2013 / Английский язык

Ребята,срочно!!!Реферат по английскому языку на тему:Дом англичан:)))СРОЧНО!

  • No Englishman would want (if he has a choice ) to live in the apartment. He is sure to make a separate house . With the garden . This is quite understandable if you live outside the city. But no, the Englishman needed and required to live in the city in their own home .
    On the face of the British virtually indistinguishable from ordinary people . At the service in a movie theater , a restaurant and on the rink at the airport and the swimming pool , they often behave like everyone else, and at times, even at the close observation , you can not find in them anything strange habits . (Except , of course, the little details that they drive on the left side of the road , not the right , like all people !)
    Another thing — at home. At home, the Englishman is finally becoming a . Here he gives himself go , here it is fully revealed , here he lovingly nurtures their strangeness , here he cherishes his notorious eccentricity . So learn English to truly possible only after visiting their guest . But , going to the British home, you should at least in general terms, to know that you are there waiting .

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