только реально те кто знают, кто не знает не делайте наугад!Раскройте скобки, употребляя времена present simple, present continuous, present

28 октября 2013 / Английский язык

Помогите,только реально те кто знают,кто не знает не делайте наугад!!!!
Раскройте скобки,употребляя времена  present simple,present continuous,present perfect, past simple,past continuous,past perfect.
1) The (not to pass) their exam because they (to miss) too many lessons.
2) His plain (to land) at 6:40 a.m. and Helen (to meet) him at the airport.
3) Listen! Somebody (to listen).
4) Andrew (to work) from morning to evening yesterday.
5) The boys (to prepare) a surprise for the girls.
6) He (to say) that he already (to send) the letter. 
7) He (to do the cleaning) before his friends (to arrive).
8) They (to walk) along the street and (to speak) about recent events and she (to feel) happy.

  • 1) did not pass , had missed
    2) is landing, is meeting
    3)??????? Вы уверены, что в скобках слово listen???? скорее всего, там должно быть что-то вроде sing / go….. Я напишу с данным словом, хотя смысл, вероятнее всего, был другой. — IS LISTENING
    4) was working
    5) prepare (или можно еще have prepared — это зависит от перевода)
    6) said, that he had already sent the letter
    7) had done, arrived
    8) were walking, were speaking, felt

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