Put questions to the underlined words. 1 These are my postcards. 1 Jill goes to work by bus. 1 The Normans invaded Britain in 1066. 14. Columbu

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Put questions to the underlined words.  11. These are my postcards. 12. Jill goes to work by bus. 13. The Normans invaded Britain in 1066. 14. Columbus  discovered America in 1492. 15. She does her room every day. 16. They were at the disco last night. 17.He has just left. 18. He is crying as he has cut his finger. 19. He had to spend a lot of money on education. 20. She had ironed  all the linen by 5 o’clock yesterday. 21. This pair of trousers cost seven dollars. 22. The fax will be received in an hour. 23. The contract  has been signed. 24. A new supermarket is being built in our district. 25. His father wants him to become a student. 26. I’ll buy a new toy-car for my son when I get the money. 27. That happened the other day. 28. She can go in the red or in the blue car. 29. She is looking at the picture. 30. Susie always takes care of her nephew.
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  • 11)whose are these postcards?
    13)when did invaid the normans britian?
    14)who did dicovered america in 1992?
    15)when does she do her room?

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