In Touch 2 Students‘ Book Unit 26 вправа 4b,5 .

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In Touch 2 Students Book Unit 26 вправа 4b,5 .

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  1. KaterinaMalik
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    5. 2-a
    4b.What are the scissors made of? They`re  made of metal
    What is the ruler made of? it`s made of plastic
    What is the window made of?It`s made of glass
    What is the jumper made of?It`s made of wool
    What is the ball made of>it`s made of rubber
    What is the magazine made of ?it`s made of paper 
    What is the table made of?it`s made of glass and wood
    What is the book made of?it`s made of paper
    What is the video made of?it`s made of plastic 

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