Сочинение на английском языке в 25 предложений на тему: «Место, где я хотел бы жить». Я

24 июля 2016 / Школа

Сочинение на английском языке в 25 предложений на тему: «Место, где я хотел бы жить». Я отдаю свое предпочтение Японии. Но можно написать о любом другом

месте ^.^

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  1. nastavancova
    24 июля 2016 в 10:18 – Ответить
    I would like to live in France, ashore sea, where alongside beautiful landscape, and at night fragrant air, where it is possible to watch sunset and sunrise. And where it is possible to bath and sunbathe. And to look at beautiful, exotic fishes and feed with them bread. And in the evening to breathe in the smell of the roses covered by dew. And to live in a wooden house. A sea is there quiet: there is neither a gale nor waves, and warm water at-sea as though wind. There magnificent trees grow with oranges and fragrant colors. I tear away every day on one orange I eat, enjoying his most wonderful taste.
    перевод :  Я хотел бы жить во Франции, на берегу моря, где рядом красивый пейзаж, а ночью благоуханный воздух, где можно наблюдать за закатом и восходом солнца. И где можно купаться и загорать. И смотреть на красивых, экзотических рыбок и кормить их хлебом. А вечером вдыхать запах роз, покрытых росой. И жить в деревянном доме. Море там спокойное: нет ни шторма, ни волн, а теплая вода в море как будто воздушная струя. Там растут пышные деревья с апельсинами и благоухающими цветами. Я срываю каждый день по одному апельсину и ем, наслаждаясь его чудеснейшим вкусом.
  2. Tavifa
    24 июля 2016 в 10:18 – Ответить
    I want to tell about place, where I would like to live.
    This country is Japan.
    Japan is an island nation in East Asia.
    It’s located in the Pacific Ocean.
    This country is sometimes referred to as the «Land of the Rising Sun».
    It’s a very interesting place with unusual culture.
    For example: the tea ceremony, ikebana, arts, calligraphy, origami, geisha and other.
    Now, I want to tell about Japan’s nature.
    There are very beautiful parks with wonderful trees and flowers here.
    Sakura is unofficial national flower and symbol.
    Momiji (Japanese Maple) is the king of spectacular autumn colors.
    It is widely used as a decorative tree in gardens.
    My dream is walking among trees of Sakura and to admire it.
    The capital of Japan is Tokyo.
    It’s the center of the Greater Tokyo Area, and the largest metropolitan area in the world.
    Tokyo a fascinating contrast of the old and the new: one of the world’s most modern cities, it still retains many of its unique cultural traditions and customs from centuries ago.
    Tokyo has many museums.
    In Ueno Park, there is the Tokyo National Museum, the country’s largest museum and specializing in traditional Japanese art.
    I find Japanese art is very beautiful and unusual.
    I like to read about Japanese artists and to see their masterpieces.
    I want to visit Tokyo National Museum and to know something new about culture and traditions this country.
    There are many cityscapes in Tokyo.
    As for me, the view of night city is the most beautiful view in the world.

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