ПОМОГИТЕ! Напишите не большую страшную историю на английском языке с переводом

24 сентября 2013 / Английский язык

ПОМОГИТЕ!!! Очень надо!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Напишите не большую страшную историю на английском языке с переводом.

  • In the dark,dark country was a dark,dark town. In the dark,dark town was a dark,dark street. On the dark, dark street was a dark, dark house, there lives vampire. He goes on the street only at night and bites people. Boooooo!!!

    В тёмной, тёмной стране был тёмный, тёмный город. В тёмном, тёмном городе была тёмная, тёмная улица. На тёмной, тёмной улице был тёмный, тёмный дом, где жил вампир. Он выходил на улицу только по ночам и кусал людей. Буууууу!!!

  • Англ.
    Every summer parents sent me to visit my grandmother in the village for a month , but after this incident I did not pull back , even though I miss my grandmother . I was 13 years old, when once again staying with Grandma . Hut it is not large , two rooms. I’m considering themselves independent , and slept in one of the rooms. In the evening I could not sleep , so sitting on the internet from your phone. I did not notice that the time has come nearer to 2 o’clock in the morning mind , so put the phone on the bedside table and tried to sleep, but I got distracted steps . Heavy and slow steps creaked directed towards my door , and came out of the room granny familiar to me snoring. I was frightened in earnest ! At first I thought that someone slipped into the house, but the population of a small village , some grandparents, everyone knows each other , so the option was dropped . In my head and climbed all the monsters . I wrapped myself in a blanket and lay quietly , sweat ran in streams . I lay still , afraid to move . And expecting something terrible and horrible , but after spending 15 minutes and went to sleep in a cold sweat .In the morning I told my grandmother how awful I had to go through, but she just smiled at me and said that it seemed to me . I’m even a little angry at her grandmother that she does not believe me .Once this case is a little scratched in my head for the day. I am familiar with the oncoming girls on the street when she came home tired , then went to bathe in a bath to relieve fatigue and soothe the nerves. Bath grandmother was good, so happy she loved to bathe in it. Together with my grandmother I wash shy , so no problems washed one . I washed for a long time , a little sit and rest in the dressing room , then back to steam .The street was already dark . I sit , means, and hear my grandmother shouted:- Masha , bring you some water ?- Come on, Grandma , and what is true, thirsty .Wrapped in a towel , I was waiting for my grandmother with water in the dressing room . Waited 10 minutes, 15 . And not waiting , began to dress . In the house I have not found my grandmother . Also surprised as if into thin air with the promised water failed. After 20 minutes, I heard she comes . She says her neighbor was while I was washing in the bath .- I love you with water waiting, waiting , could not wait , Grandma !- What is the water , the granddaughter ? — Surprised grandmother .- Well, you have asked me to myself , if I wanted to drink , and promised to bring, and did not show up ! — I explained the situation to her grandmother incomprehensible .- You’re what , Mary, do you wash left, I went straight to the aunts Vale across the road and did not come back !- But the women, I hear your voice !- You’re tired , Masha , run to bed! — Grandma told me to .At the time I felt crazy . I went to bed , but was awakened by the vibration , which published my phone under the pillow , and more — loud melody . My grandmother heard the bell and ordered to pay her cell at night. And closing the door , she replied:- Yes … Hello? What are you silent ? Mary is asleep !A few seconds later she came into my room with a straight face and held the phone in my hand , I looked at the room. It was a home phone number, which is in our hallway. I planted it at the ear … and I heard the voice of smoky men :- To bring you some water ?I threw up.All in all, I left my grandmother the next day, lied to parents that became very ill .Long then could not find a reason and promised myself that after experiencing fear in the village will not be back !

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