Фразовый глагол “TO LOOK”

30 июня 2016 / Школа

Фразовый глагол TO LOOK

Используйте нужное слово AT, FOR, THROUGH, AFTER, UP, чтобы придать
предложениям законченный смысл.
1. Id like to look ___the latest issue of Mary Glasgow magazine.
2. What are you looking ____?
My glasses. I cant read the newspaper without them.
3. If you dont know some of the dates, look them ____in the history book.
4. Jack seldom reads his magazines, he just looks them____.
5. Go and find a taxi and Ill look _____the suitcases.
6. Look ____the picture. Whats in it?
7. Please, look____ the papers before I give them to the boss. There may be mistakes in
8. The child is still very young and must be looked____.
9. Look ___ me, look _____ me! Im wearing my new dress!
10. The best way to find out what a word means is to look it ____in a dictionary.
11. Mary spends a lot of time in the bookshops looking ____rare editions.
12. I looked ____the test again but could not find any mistakes.
13. Mary and I are looking ____a new house for our family.
14. A cat may look ___a king.
15. You can look ____her telephone number in the book.
16. Ive spent hours in the shops looking ____a suitable dress.
17. Dont worry, Ill look _____your pets while youre away.
18. In hospital I was looked ____very well.
19. In the new school he spent a lot of time looking ____the right classroom.
20. I looked this information _____in a number of books.
21. Looking ____the newspaper I saw my friends name in one of the article

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  1. honewonner
    30 июня 2016 в 2:40 – Ответить
    1. through
    2. for
    3. up
    4. through
    5. after
    6. at
    7. through
    8. after
    9. at, at

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