Добрый вечер. с домашним заданием написать письмо по одной из 3-х тем :Choose any two of the following and write your answer 25-30

4 сентября 2013 / Английский язык

Добрый вечер. Помогите пожалуйста с домашним заданием (написать письмо по одной из 3-х тем) :

Choose any two of the following and write your answer (25-30 words).

1. You are on holiday. Send a postcard to your friend. Write:
1) Where you are
2) What you are doing there
3) How you like it

2. You have moved to another city. Send an email to your friend. In your email write:
1) What the new place is like
2) How you like it
3) Invite him to your house

3. You need to go out for a while. Leave a note for your parents. Write:
1) Where you are doing
2) When you’ll be back
3) Remind them to walk the dog

Заранее благодарна. С меня «Спасибо» =)

  • Dear Ann,  
    I was very glad to hear from you.
    You know I’m not at home now. I have a short holiday. Only a week. I went the country where my grandfather
    and grandmother live. It is great here. The weather is sunny and warm. I am drinking fresh milk and eating a lot of tasty food
    which my granny prepares for me. I have many friends in this village because I
    go there every holidays. We are playing football and tennis! There is a
    small river near the forest and we are swiming in it. It’s a fun!
    That’s enough for me today. I have to go to the forest now, we want to gather some mushrooms.   
    Best regards to your family.
    Write soon.  

    Yours Lena

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